Math 17 and the AfterMath

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Despite the scorching heat of the summer sun that has the capacity to deactivate some of my brain cells, the month of April reminds me of some treasured memories. I wanted to talk about many memorable things that happened many Aprils ago in this post but I think the subject of Math deserves an exclusive entry in my blog and you will about to find out why.

This is the time of the year when, during my undergraduate years in UP, I courageously decided to take THE summer class that will forever change my life. I don’t know what got into me. May be I have been drugged by the monay with cheese I frequently bought in front of the Faculty Center (FC) on my way to class in the morning. The cheese must be the culprit. I am starting to believe now that dairy is the root of all evil. For some reason I decided to take the notorious Math 17 class, algebra and trigonometry combined, squeezed into 4 weeks of learning until your brain shrinks in half. You are lucky if you get out with your brain still intact.

I also enrolled in a volleyball class that same summer I was taking Math 17. I used to love volleyball. I’ve been playing the sport like a pro since childhood. But that particular class changed my worldview about volleyball as well. It can be such a brutal sport if you do it every day without varsity-like training prior. The teacher didn’t show any shred of humanity either pretending that her students were ok because the truth is we were all physically hurting. On the 3rd day of class, almost all of my classmates including myself have bruised arms and the ball became a cursed object every time it touches our extremities. The ball has been baptized with hematoma, tainted with sweat and infused with painful thoughts which I believe are perfect elements of a ritual sacrifice to turn ordinary objects to dark objects. Looking back, I think volleyballs used in summer classes should be cleansed periodically because it might turn into a chucky doll that will wreak havoc in the generation of students to come.

That whole summer season became a battle of the mind and the body. But since PE classes have no bearing in academic standings, I shall only highlight my Math experience here.

Math 17 has earned a reputation for being an obstacle to almost every UP student’s academic life. To speak of its name is like speaking the name of Voldemort in the Harry Potter universe. Perhaps what makes it challenging is because the pacing of lessons is quicker since it has to fit in both algebra and trigonometry in a span of one semester. Even faster pacing if taken as a summer class which was in my case.  For some people Math is the only thing that stands between them and graduation. Unfortunately for me, my course curriculum requires to take Math 17 or split it into Math 11 (algebra) and Math 14 (trigonometry). And should I manage to get past these 2 dragons, another one is waiting just at the end of the academic tunnel, Math 100 (calculus).

Of course, this is not necessarily true for engineers, statistics, and economics majors and the likes who eat numbers like french fries. Be very careful whom you ask for opinion or advice. And in this subject matter, don’t trust any student from any of those courses mentioned because they will tell you otherwise. I have this theory that most of them, if not all, have been abducted at one point and brainwashed to believing that Math is easy. Never ask a friend who is enrolled in any of the courses mentioned either because it might ruin your friendship. More so if your friend happens to be a Math major. Every argument you have against Math will be easily refuted. Every argument you throw into the conversation will sound like a lame excuse not to be vegan and for sure you will lose. But no matter what these people say about Math doesn’t matter. What’s more important is the truth. Your truth. I suggest you look into your heart and soul and you will see the truth for what Math truly is.

Unlike in other schools, and I say this with great conviction, Math in UP is very lethal. The grading system of UP Math (Math 11, 14, 17 and 100 in particular) is crueler than death penalty and genocide combined. It represents every facet of social injustice we experience everywhere in the society at large. It doesn’t believe in redemption. It takes 3 major exams which will determine whether you pass or fail. And unlike an essay question where you can get a point no matter how bad your answer was,  every answer in a Math exam is either correct or not. You never get a point for the effort of solving the equation.

It is very rare to encounter Math instructors who would give incentive grades from quizzes or projects. But they do believe in reincarnation however. A student may opt to drop the subject just before midterms and try their luck again in the next semester in a different class. But just like reincarnation where you take a different personality to learn the same lessons required, the difficulties remain the same. The endless cycle of trying and failing or dropping and trying again can be akin to what the Buddhists call samsara in the very literal sense.

Call it bravery, stupidity or unwaivering self-confidence, but I decided to finish Math 17 until the end despite the red flags I’ve been seeing earlier. After all, I’ve been a consistent dean’s lister (both university and college scholar) and I told myself that will not allow a single subject get in the way for my hopes and aspirations to graduate with a laude attached to my name.

I owe my ability to memorize easily to my meditation practice. I learned meditation in high school and it made my mind sharper as if I possessed some kind of mutant powers. Long before I’ve learned about hypnotherapy and understood brainwaves, I had this habit of studying only in the morning of the day of the exam, right after waking up from bed or 30 minutes before a quiz when my mind is still fresh and my brain produces a lot of alpha brainwaves. I am a very visual person. All I need to do is browse my notes and scanned with my eyes the pages of my notebook. During a quiz or exam, I would visually recall my notes and/or where a particular line was written in the page of my notebook and that’s how I manage to pass exams and quizzes with flying colors. But just like any mutant powers, I guess it has its scope and limitations too. This so-called mutant power of mine proved not very useful in Math as it does not heavily rely on memorization alone.

If it were sacred geometry I would have most likely aced the subject and the whole summer will be just like a walk in the great academic oval. I imagine spending the whole day and night exploring the seed of life, flower of life, tree of life, fruit of life, leaf of life, root of life, the golden ratio, the silver ratio, the bronze ratio and all that kind of stuff. I can explore numerology, the enneagram and what not until my consciousness explodes and become one with the stars. But that was not the case. My reality revolved around square roots, exponents, integers and the cartesian plane.

I used to think that students from other courses who are not required to take Math 17 and Math 100 are the only children of God. They are spared from the horrors and sheltered from the harshness that are brought about by Math. They are spared from enduring the possibility of pain and suffering should they fail or drop the subject. They can graduate easily with a squeaky clean record. I envied them. But shifting courses was not an option.

Back then I never believed in the myths of the great flood nor in the apocalypse that the bible talks about not until the day the grades were released. For a moment, as I saw my class card, I was transported back in time when the earth rained with fire and the dinosaurs became extinct. I experienced catharsis far worse than my first inner dance, GINHAWA retreats, and detox programs combined. It made me ask the most important questions in life such as “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” It tore away my every single hope of graduating with honors and left me feeling bare, naked and vulnerable.

Failing at something can be a painful experience. But failing for the very first time in your life is devastating. I have never had a failing grade until Math 17 happened. I have always been part of the cream of the crops so to speak. But as it has been said there’s always a first time for every thing. And this was my first. The worse part of receiving a failing grade is that it felt like all other forms of intelligence are rendered obsolete and only one’s mathematical prowess matter.

I consider taking Math 17 as my first shamanic initiation. I went through the process of dismemberment, tearing me apart limb by limb, pieces by pieces, until I became nothing. It made me question the very foundation of my identity and ability. I experienced a symbolic death only to emerge anew with restored hope and optimism.

I learned my lesson well. Instead of taking Math 17 again, I took Math 11 and Math 14 separately and I finally passed the subjects. But the journey did not end there yet. Math 17 (or Math 11 and 14) is only a precursor to an even greater challenge that is Math 100 (calculus). I’d like to think of Math 17 as human life spent on earth and Math 100 as the afterlife that awaits us after death.

Call it good karma or what but in my first and only attempt at Math 100, I happen to land on a summer class (yes another summer class) where the instructor teaching the class happens to have a compassionate heart, is easy to the eye and as hot as the summer sun. Oh and did I mention the teacher was hot? Don’t let me repeat it again.

Some people call what happens in life as fate. For a UP student, we call it UP Computerized Registration System (UP CRS). I consider the UP CRS as even more powerful than fate itself. Students enroll in a class without prior knowledge of who the teacher is for that particular class. Rumors say my hot teacher’s students have a greater chance at passing the subject. The teacher was very considerate and generous in giving grades and I considered him as a biological aberration from what most Math instructors that I’ve encountered so far. I must have earned enough merits or good karma from community service and tree planting to deserve this kind of good fortune, I thought. Having said that all, it will be a great mortal sin, something that is unforgivable even in a thousand lifetimes of being vegan, for any student not to pass the subject under his tutelage.

I think it helps a lot when you have a good-looking teacher especially on a very challenging subject such as calculus because it helps makes things look easier for your brain to comprehend. Looking at your teacher alone can cause the two hemispheres of the brain to synchronize all at once just by imagining and pondering what he eats for breakfast, where he lives, what his favorite color is, how he smells like and how many hair follicles he has on the skin underneath his shirt. And before you know it, you’ve just activated all the parts of your brain. Amazing, isn’t it?

Staring at my Math teacher during class, my mind drifted to a place where the moon and sun are together and never set. Every word he uttered became a hypnotic suggestion that went straight to my subconscious mind. I learned faster. The symbols he drew on the board looked like divine revelation. The square roots and the variables came to life like runes that glow as if imbued with magical powers. And then the existential of all existential questions came to me one day: why study math when all we need is love?

The rumors were true. I passed calculus.

Although I spent solving many equations and problem sets in class, there was only one thing I never got to solve.  Why on earth was my teacher wearing a jacket every single day of our summer class? If bathing suit was allowed in the campus, I bet more than half of the class would be wearing a two-piece going to class on summer just to survive the heat and humidity. And yet there he was wearing a jacket. It looks good on him though. I guess it is one of the great mysteries of life that will forever remain a mystery that even the greatest of math equations cannot solve.

And just as I thought I was over with Math, I dated someone from the blue school nearby. Can you imagine my shock when I found out that the person I was dating was a Math major? The universe indeed has a good sense of humor.



Miss Universe 2016 Pia Wurtzbach (Photo by Philippine Primer)

Aware or not, we are all title holders. One needs not join a beauty pageant to have a title. Perhaps you are a son/daughter, a parent to a child, a bother/sister to a sibling, a boyfriend/girlfriend to your partner, a boss to your subjects, someone’s best friend, an icon whom everyone looks up to, a champion of a noble cause, a living saint, a man in robes, a president of the republic, the campus heartthrob, the queer among your peers, the golden boy/girl, the teacher to your students, the perfect husband/wife and the list goes on.

In fact we juggle many titles at the same time. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones just like me, you may very well describe yourself pretty much like this:

Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons

Being a title holder is an inescapable part of human existence. There are titles which are earned through hard work,  titles that are a product of circumstance and there are those people who are born into it.

Titles can either be a privilege or a curse or even both. It can be a crown of gems or a crown of thorns. Nevertheless, it is a crown. For those who earned it by choice, it could be something worth celebrating. But others who possessed it by default it can be a great burden to carry.

Titles reflect human functionality. It is necessary. It creates order. Imagine what the world would be like if people don’t  have any titles, labels or roles assigned to them. It will be a total chaos. There will be nothing to aspire to. There will be nothing else to hold us together.

The titles we wear serve as an anchor in this great sea of life. Without these titles, we may get easily lost and slipped away into darkness. It gives us a sense of identity and purpose. It gives us direction. Any direction.

But what happens when these personal anchors suddenly lost its grip on the ground? What if an event changed or challenged your stature or condition in life? What if a relationship suddenly breaks up and you cease to be someone else’s partner? What if your kids whom you’ve dedicated your entire life to grew up and build a life of their own without you? What if you need to change career that has nothing to with your college degree or previous profession? What if someone makes an unpleasant comment about you that defies everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve?  What if…there can be many what ifs that can be asked and one certain answer to these questions. You will be devastated. You will be shaken off.

It is said that with great power comes great responsibility. I say that with great title comes great power and responsibility. But great responsibility comes with great expectations too. And with great expectations comes great pressure.

But how often do you meet those expectations with flying colors, really?

Do you ever wander where those expectations come from? Who sets those expectations in the first place?

Is there a right or wrong way to live out a specific role or title?

Are you defined by the titles you wear and carry or do you believe you are more than that?

And most importantly, should you fail, what becomes of you after?

Discover the answers to these questions and many other treasured insights when you attend the Discovering My Life Purpose Retreat happening on April 13-15, 2017 at Isis Women’s Resource Center in Quezon City. Part I is Coming Home to My True Self as awareness of our true self is a pre-requisite to identifying one’s lifework. To register, please fill up the form provided in the following link:


Integra Regenerative Clinic: Your one-stop health shop

Who would have thought that a health store exists at the basement of Robinsons Galleria? While urban legends tell us stories of a half-human half-snake creature that resides in the mall’s basement that is allegedly grabbing unsuspecting humans for food, I found something vegan instead. Integra Regenerative Clinic is your one-stop shop for anything organic, natural, vegan, and healthy. A new go-to place for health junkies and for people seeking wellness.

Although Integra is just a relatively new shop, the owners have been in the organic business since  1995.

Integra at lower ground floor of Robinsons Galleria.

Do you love greens? Don’t you know that most commercially grown vegetable produce in the market today are chemical-laden? Make sure you are only eating pesticide-free and herbicide-free veggies so you can enjoy the full health benefits of your food.

Nearby folks can get their fresh supply of organic and locally grown produce at Integra. They have cold-pressed juices too for people on the go. They also sell organic eggs, body care products, and a whole bunch of organic products and super foods. Super busy folks can take advantage of their delivery service every Saturday.

Organic vegetables and cold-pressed juices.
Lots of organic stuffs, super foods and more.

Looking for some guilt-free ice cream? Integra is one of the selected few outlets that carry Super Scoops premium vegan ice cream. This vegan ice cream comes in different flavors: chocolate milk, coffee dream, dark chocolate wine, mangoes and cream, milky matcha, and strawberries and cream. Small size at 120 pesos and 350 pesos for a pint. Once you get a taste of this ice cream, you wouldn’t even know it’s vegan.

I love how milky matcha ice cream tastes like.

Integra also offers health (naturopathic) consultations and ozone therapy.

For your vegan and organic needs, visit Integra Regenerative Clinic located at lower ground floor (basement), West Lane Robinsons Galleria, EDSA cor Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City. It is in front of the NBI satellite office. You can reach them through (02) 632-7361 or (+63915) 564 8877.


The Quest for Vegan Cheese

I’m not vegan nor lactose-intolerant. I can still consume dairy but with repercussions–too much of it in my system will cause my body to produce excessive phlegm or mucus than usual. So for obvious health reasons, I’d do my best to stay away from dairy products as much as possible. But the problem is I love cheese so much and cheese is dairy. And to make matters more challenging, I have been craving for some cheese lately. You can say I’m a cheesy person.

All I had to do was ask the all-knowing google where to find a non-dairy alternative to cheese in this predominantly dairy universe. I never knew the existence of such yet a big part of me trusts that google does. If internet only existed in ancient Greece, I bet google would have rivaled the oracle of Delphi for knowledge and information about the existence of things.

Although I haven’t seen nor tasted fake cheese in my entire life (and by “fake” I mean a good kind of fake), I am a great believer of miracles and possibilities. In this day and age of fake boobies and eyelashes, what else cannot be cloned or imitated? Someone out there must have brilliantly come up with the idea of faking cheese too. At least that’s what I thought. So I scouted the world wide web in search for answers and with some help (thanks Kitchen Revolution) and some google-ic intervention I stumbled upon The Real Happy Cow.

Not only the cows were mooing with happiness (vegan equals cruelty-free on animals) but I was ecstatic as well with the discovery I made. I knew that my life will never be the same again after this. So I messaged The Real Happy Cow to place an order only to realize its owned by someone I know. Turns out it is being run by the kitchen goddess Lakapati and her ever supportive husband Alvin. I really admire this couple’s passion for food and anything vegan and how they support each other in this endeavor.

I was initially interested to buy the truffle cheese sauce and have it sent via courier but being the impatient buyer that I am, I didn’t want to put myself in such an agonizing situation of waiting, imagining and drooling over some bottle of cheese that is making its way to my home. It so happened The Real Happy Cow is participating in a fundraising event happening in Makati in the next couple of days. I just decided to wait and make an apparition on the day of the event instead so I can buy my cheese right then and there.

Come Sunday, 12th of June, and I was all geared up for the BIG day with great anticipation. Armed with a sheer willpower, umbrella, and a wallet filled with cash, I made my way to Jupiter Street in Makati.

By late afternoon I arrived at the event venue called The Open Space. Located along Jupiter Street, this small venue is perfectly designed for pop-up concepts and small to medium events.

The Open Space is located at 134 Jupiter Street, Makati. For more info, go to

While toy lovers swarmed the SM Mall of Asia for the annual Toy Conference happening on that very same day, many feline lovers and pet owners gathered together and stood united (literally as there are no chairs) all for the love of our furry friends. Dubbed as “Back-to-School Fundraising Bazaar”, a percentage from each sale will be donated to the Philippine Animal Rescue Team.

Shopping can be a very meaningful experience when you know you are helping support a good cause.

There were booths selling cat-themed items for both cats and humans. Part of the proceeds will go to the cause.

Support @petmeowcatboarding’s spray/neuter program with every purchase of their dreamcatchers and  crafts for sale. For more info, go to
The Real Happy Cow’s booth (photo courtesy of The Real Happy Cow)

Although I’m very much of a cat person too, the real reason I braved Jupiter Street that cloudy Sunday afternoon despite the threats of rain, laziness and frugality is to purchase some vegan cheese products which taste as good as their dairy counterparts.

I got myself a bar of mozzarella (P100), a bottle of truffle (P200) and a pack of romano cheese  (P175). All vegan of course.

As an added bonus, I also chanced upon their meat-free pork belly aka vegchon. This is good news for people like myself who doesn’t eat pork by choice. I haven’t had the chance to try it but I heard it became such an instant favorite that they will start offering it on a regular basis. I will make sure to add it to my bucket-eating list. I wish they’d come up with a vegan version of bacon too.

Meat-free and dairy-free products.
The pork belly poutine (crispy fries and vegchon drenched in our cheese sauce, chipotle/sriracha mayo, bbq sauce and more sriracha garnished with cilantro) is a runaway bestseller during the bazaar last June 12, 2016.
The pork belly poutine is a runaway bestseller during the bazaar last June 12, 2016.  It is made with crispy fries and vegchon drenched in cheese sauce, chipotle/sriracha mayo, bbq sauce and more sriracha garnished with cilantro. (photo courtesy of The Real Happy Cow)

For your dairy-free cheese, meat-free meat and vegan nom needs, check out The Real Happy Cow’s page at or follow them on instagram/therealhappycowph. You can also reach  them via mobile 0998.850.5707. They deliver.



Healthy Eating at Quezon City

I just came out of a 2-month hiatus due to a major health crisis I was facing. For 2 months I was feeling lethargic, anti-social, and hormonal. There were a list things that I wanted to do but I was too weak to accomplish any. But the worse part of getting ill is when you eat your food  and your judgmental tongue can’t seem to tell the difference between good and bad taste. This experience has made me more appreciate the simple joys of life which are not that really “simple” after all especially for the sick and ill person. Simple is such an underrated word. I wanted to “re-experience” life again. So I made a pact with myself that when I get past my illness and start to feel better again I will try new things, discover new places, meet people, smell the flowers, follow my dreams and…blog! This time with no excuses. And since I am already feeling better those are what I exactly did last weekend.

If Eat, Pray, Love turned into a healing framework and broken down into 3 phases of healing, I would say that I’m at the “eating phase” of my life right now. For one, it is doctor’s order that I eat at least 5  times in a day to bulk up and start gaining back the weight that I’ve lost. Secondly, I’m quite happy savoring good food and the flavors of new experiences at the moment. Eating just makes me feel more alive.  It is as if my taste buds have mutated both literally and figuratively speaking. I never thought that eating good food can be such an enjoyable and therapeutic experience. If there was something that came out good from my illness is that it gave me the license to eat and enjoy food however and whenever I want. So if you are reading this blog and want me to write a review about food and places, this is probably the best time to send me an invite, don’t you agree? *wink*

As I took toddler steps to becoming a more outgoing person, I turned to one of my favorite restaurants in QC that is within my reach.  Here’s the first part of my weekend escapade.

SATURDAY (June 11, 2016)

Stopover #1: Likha Diwa Vegetarian and Seafood Cafe

Vegetation and friendly staffs greet you as you enter the restaurant.

Every QC-based vegetarian and health conscious folk probably knows this place along C.P. Garcia Avenue. It is where art, culture, and food collide. Since its opening on the full moon of June 1999, Likha Diwa has become a favorite hub among foodies, artists, cultural workers, and wellness junkies who lives/works in this side of the metro. A few years back I was under the impression that Likha Diwa was a vegetarian-artist mecca of some sort and to be a fully fledged artist and/or vegetarian one must dine at this small restaurant at least once in his/her lifetime to be “initiated”. I don’t know where I got that idea from but I am buying it anyway. Since then I’ve  become patron of this humble restaurant–the price of stardom.

This is also one of those few places on the planet that I know where I would often bumped into a friend or acquaintance whom I have never seen for years. Of all places it has to be at Likha Diwa! Because of these few but consistent bumping incidents, I started to draw a conclusion that Likha Diwa is a lost-and-found section but only for people. Having said that, so if you happen to have a long lost friend who happens to be fond of shawls, wears dreadlocks, sees fairies, loves organic products, eats only veggies, and hums “aum…”, chances are you two will find each other here. However, if you don’t wish to be found, avoid this place at all cost (at least temporarily).

Behind this artsy front is where the kitchen masterpieces are being created.

Good food, friendly staffs, affordable prices, and a simple cozy interior are what, I believe, set Likha Diwa apart from other establishments with closely similar niche. Unique to the restaurant is a a subtle bohemian vibe that is simply charming and non-discriminating as it promotes a spirit of openness, free expression, authenticity, and creativity–a place where you can simply be and celebrate your true self.

True to its name Likha (create) Diwa (spirit or consciousness), this is a venue not only where food is enfleshed but also where the creative spirit takes shape and form. It is just fitting that many creatives choose to hold their art exhibits here while some closeted artists (you know who you are!) that I know made their debut here. There is so much good vibes in this place that brings people of like minds to come and gather here.

Likha Diwa’s menu features some top Filipino favorite dishes with a vegetarian or seafood twist. They serve finger foods, sandwiches, soups, pita-wrapped dishes, salads, pasta, moussaka, and vegetarian meals that will surely leave you with a blissful belly. Some of my personal favorites include the vegetarian kare-kare (P115), creamy tuna fettuccine (P100) and buttered tuna (P130). The best part is they serve organically grown vegetables as much as possible and prepare food without the use of commercial additives and food enhancers as they stay faithful to their advocacy of promoting healthy eating. Likha Diwa continues to charm our palates as they re-create some of the best known dishes from both local and abroad in their Saturday buffet.

Eat-all-you can buffet every Saturday featuring different cuisines from both local and abroad for only P200/person.

While foodies and art lovers are drawn to Likha Diwa for several interesting reasons, I, on the other hand, just can’t resist the call of Likha Diwa’s seductive vegan chocolate (lava) cake. And like a sailor charmed by a siren, I will almost always heed the call without delay. I can hold my pee but not my chocolate cravings. I just can’t avoid the call of the vegan chocolate cake. It is simply irresistible knowing that this is only the kind of cake I can overeat without any worries. Resistance is futile so I surrender.

Vegan Chocolate Cake at P85 only.

Likha Diwa’s chocolate cake is completely vegan made with no egg, cow’s milk and butter, and sweetened with muscovado sugar. I like my lava cake served warm and moist. Every scoop is a guiltless pleasure that makes your taste buds sing with delight. It has a thick creamy texture and a deep chocolate flavor that  I would often pair it with shiitake strips to remove the umay factor and balance the flavors.

Fried shiitake mushroom served with cucumber sticks and vinegar at P95 only.

Apart from serving good food, Likha Diwa also hosts art exhibits, workshops and private events.

Likha Diwa is located at 1 Lt. J. Francisco St. (along CP Garcia Avenue, Diliman), Bgy. Krus Na Ligas, Quezon City. They are open from Monday to Saturdays from 11am to 10pm. You can reach them  through (02) 434.65.45 or 0923.819.1453. Add them up on facebook.

Stopover #2: Fruit Store at UP Shopping Center

My trip to UP Diliman wouldn’t be complete without stopping by at this very popular fruit store located at the UP Shopping Center. You know it’s like travelling between countries and at every entry/exit your passport gets stamped on by the immigration officer. Getting my cup of fruit shake every time I passed by UP Campus is akin to a passport getting stamped–the cup being proof of my visit to the holy  grounds of my alma mater.

Enriquez fruit store located at the far end left of the UP Shopping Center.

I am pretty clueless how long this store has existed but it has been there already since my college days and probably years prior to that. As early as the dawn of time, maybe? One thing I am certain though is that I rarely see this store empty. There’s always a long line of people waiting to be served.

People patiently waiting for their orders being made.

Just as important as the right of suffrage is the right to choose your own food. What I love about this particular fruit store is that they serve a variety of fruits and veggies to choose from. Customers get to choose the ingredients they want and create the blend they desire. Some rely on the suggested combination sets posted at the door. Others opt for a single fruit only. But whichever you end up choosing, just remember to prioritize fruits in season as they only come once a year.

Fresh fruits from the glass display rack.

Whenever hunger pangs strike and I am in the area, I would grab a cup of fruit shake. This is a good way to avoid the temptations of grease and sweets that are so abundant inside the campus. Not only am I choosing wellness, I am supporting a local business with a health advocacy thrive and prosper.

My 12 oz cup of fruit shake for only P30.

Enriquez Fruit Store is located at the UP Shopping Center, Diliman, Quezon City. They are open daily.

Verdict: Mission accomplished!


Discover Wellness at Arogya Ayurveda Center

In my continuous quest for personal healing and wellness, one day I decided to give Ayurveda a try. Ayurveda, which means ‘Science of Life’, is a 5000 years old system of medicine that originated in India. This ancient system of natural healing offers time-tested practices and principles that can remedy almost any type of malady known to man. These practices, when applied correctly, can promote longevity and restore perfect health.

Today many people from around the globe travel to India to discover the amazing health benefits of ayurveda. Luckily for us we don’t need to buy an expensive plane ticket to India just to experience ayurveda. The Arogya Ayurveda Center in Makati brings us ayurveda at its finest.

Established in 2010, Arogya Ayurveda Center is one of most popular places to go to in the metro when seeking authentic ayurvedic treatments. Arogya offers traditional ayurvedic procedures with herbalized oils carefully  selected based on individual body constitution. They also offer a detox program called Panchakarma.

Welcome to Arogya Ayurveda Center!
The reception area.
The lounge.

According to Ayurveda, the foundation of health lies on the balance of three bodily humours or doshas namely vata, pitta, and kapha. When one or more doshas becomes out of balance, disease manifests as a result. While modern medicine focuses in treating the disease, ayurveda treats the human person holistically. Ayurveda views each person as having a unique mind-body constitution and therefore each person requires a personalized ayurvedic care and treatment.

On my first visit to Arogya I took a short diagnostic quiz to determine my dosha type. Although all three doshas are present in everyone, only one dosha is dominant. Identifying one’s dosha is essential in determining the most appropriate ayurvedic treatment for a client.

A summary about the three doshas in Ayurveda.

After taking the dosha quiz, I was led upstairs to the (un)dressing room where I was asked to remove all my clothes and put on a piece of undergarment that looks like a g-string. In keeping up with tradition, female clients are handled by female ayurvedic technicians only while male clients are exclusively handled by male ayurvedic technicians.

The dressing room.

During my visit to Arogya I tried an ayurvedic massage called abhyanga. Abyhanga is a full body massage done by not one but two therapists in a synchronized way using large quantity of specifically herbal infused sesame oil for balancing the doshas. Some benefits of abhyanga includes inducing states of relaxation, normalizes blood pressure, helps liquefy toxins, and eliminates impurities. The process of abhyanga conjures images of ancient kings and queens being attended to by two or more servants who caress the skin and bathe their masters in luxurious amount of oils.  I believe I had a glimpse of how royatlies were pampered in ancient times.

The treatment room.

In addition to abhyanga, I also received an aschutan treatment for the eyes. Medicated ghee was applied on both eyes and kept for 10 minutes. This therapy has a cooling effect especially on irritated and stressed eyes and is said to improve overall eye health.

After my relaxing and rejuvenating abhyanga and aschutan treatments, I proceeded to the washroom to take a warm shower to rinse off any excess oil from my skin. I came out of the shower feeling radiant and glowing from the inside out and my skin feeling softer and silkier than before.

Inside the wash room.

Apart from their services, Arogya also offers some ayurvedic products which one can incorporate in their daily lifestyle. I bought a soap and an oil-pulling blend which I adore completely.

I love this soap very much! It’s so soothing to my sensitive skin.
Doing oil-pulling using VCO? You might want to rethink again!  This concoction contains several ayurvedic herbs that work synergestically together to pull out toxins and improve oral health.

Whether you are seeking for just pure relaxation or a serious health  intervention, Arogya offers a wide-range of ayurvedic treatments to suit individual needs.

Arogya Ayurveda Center is located at 8398 Mayapis St., San Antonio Village, Makati City. They are open daily except Mondays. You can contact Arogya at (02) 403 4048 or (0906) 249 2463 . For more information, visit their website:



Delight Your Taste Buds at Larcy’s Cupcakery Cafe

Looking for a cozy place to  hang out that serves some delicious pasta and pastries? Look no further and head out to Larcy’s Cupcakery Cafe at the newly opened Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons, Pasig.

At the counter.


Just a few blocks away from busy Ortigas stands a new mall called Estancia. But unlike its mall predecessors in the vicinity, Estancia offers a more secluded and quiet spot to dine and chill. Since it mainly caters to residents in the area who are working professionals, I can imagine having the mall to myself especially if I go there on a weekday. I’m really not fond of hanging out in malls but Estancia proves to be quite an exception due to its very relaxed vibe.

At the ground floor level of Estancia mall one can find Larcy’s Cupcakery Cafe. The place is hard to miss due to its fancy design and cool ambiance. When I first saw the cafe with all the different types of cupcake parading on the display rack, it conjured images of the pastry house from the classic tale of Hansel & Gretel to mind. The child in me fell in love with the place at an instant. I’d say Larcy’s is a place to go to whenever you want to give your inner child a nourishing treat after a long week of being a serious and functional adult. Don’t we all deserve a sweet treat?

Larcy’s food menu comprises of chips, soups, burgers, panini and pasta.
Larcy’s has a nice selection of beverages too.

Whether you want to have a me-time or have some serious catching up to do with good friends, Larcy’s provides you with just the right venue to do so. This is a perfect place to read a book, check emails, or do journal writing. Introverts and creative people such as myself will surely find this place very conducive for concept-development or personal introspection. The artsy feel of the cafe will help bring out one’s creative juices and channel the right inspiration needed to get a job done. If by any chance one is feeling sociable, Larcy’s is also a nice place to meet and catch up with friends over good food and drinks.

Fancy heart designs on the wall leading to the second floor.
More seats at the second floor.

What I also like about this cafe is the food which is truly a delight to the taste buds. I’ve tried a couple of  their cupcakes and they really tasted so good. But what really impressed me is that they serve very delicious pasta. Being a pasta lover myself, I never tasted anything like their Penne Mushroom Truffle. It’s so creamy and it just tasted so heavenly! Even the  garlic bread was baked to perfection I must say.

Some of the food and drinks we’ve ordered.
Pink Velvet Minicupcake is the best-seller at the moment.
Some chocolate goodness.
Delicious Mushroom Penne Truffle with Garlic Bread.

If you get a chance to swing by in Pasig, don’t  forget to check out Larcy’s Cupcakery Cafe and get ready to say ‘aah’ to some heavenly goodness.

Larcy❤s Cupcakery Cafe is located at:

Estancia Mall at Capitol Commons
11:00AM – 9:00PM
Contact Number: (02) 656-7404

BF Homes, Parañaque
178 Aguirre Street, BF Homes, Paranaque
Sunday – Thursday 11:00AM – 11:00PM
Friday – Saturday 11:00AM – 12:00AM
Contact Number: (02) 478-2849

Instagram: @larcyscupcakery