A Very Cultish Weekend

The past couple of weeks have been an emotional roller-coaster ride for me as I approach another crossroad in life and I just felt the Big U is pointing me to direction of the beach before I make a life-altering decision! Lucky me there’s an auspicious long weekend in November plus a couple of friends are celebrating their birthdays around that time. So I took the initiative of organizing an overnight trip to the sea and before I knew it, it turned into a reality!

I would say that this is one of the most relaxed and fun trip I ever planned so far, perhaps because we have a good supporting cast starring:

Hara – the walking jukebox queen who also has a penchant for astrologizing everything. For Hara, timing is everything literally. She can tell you when is the best time for doing practically anything from washing the dishes to going on a flirtatious date with someone. I bet she can even calculate the precise auspicious timing for breathing, peeing and pooing. During this trip, we discovered her amazing gift of calculating someone’s birth chart by simply looking at the person. Who needs an ephemeris when you are this… awesomely freak-ish? During her void of course time she plays a human radio and has the uncanny ability to psychically identify someone’s theme song for the moment. Oh btw she likes big, export-quality bananas. Whatever that means I leave it up to your imagination.

Claire – A travel blogger who recently became an expert at backpacking. Being the Virgo that she is (ascendant or moon sign?) she became the group’s official documentor taking photos almost every minute with her underwater camera that sadly can’t be dipped into the water. She is probably the female Boy Abunda in a parallel universe owing to her innate talent at asking people, even complete strangers, certain questions – the type of question that if I were to ask will surely land a punch on my delicate, baby face. One of her amazing gifts is her Divine OC-ness which made me feel so relaxed planning this trip keeping in mind my favorite adage: I will do my part and Claire will take care of the rest. She used to be my human credit card in our trip to Indonesia 2 years ago. Now she found her new life purpose.

Camz – The extrovert in the group. She was responsible for the group’s booking and reservations. She climbed almost every mountain I know of in the country and perhaps even mystical mountains that google map most likely didn’t know exist. Where is Shambhalah again? As if mountain climbing is not enough to satisfy her extrovert cravings, she’s also fond of scuba diving. I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts exploring outer space too.

Shanata – the budding yogini goddess who drives the magic car that can amazingly fit in 20 people at once! Thanks to her yoga teacher at a very popular yoga studio somewhere, who in my intuitive opinion has sacral chakra issues with her, she has more than enough reason to join our weekend vacation as a means of temporarily escaping her past-life issues with her yoga teacher which are being triggered every Wednesday. She likes bananas too.

Aside from detoxing my skin in seawater, I have another agenda in mind. Whenever I am about to make an important life decision, it has been a personal tradition to perform a fire ritual to gain more clarity of the situation. Thanks to one of my teachers who was initiated in the ways of the Inca for imparting to me the sacred knowledge of the fire ritual three years ago.

Fire is a symbol of the Divine in many spiritual traditions around the world. Fire is a great transformer – whatever you give to the fire, fire changes its form. A fire ritual involves some offerings given to the fire and through this practice we are put in the right ayni (right relationship) with All That Is. And miracles start to happen in our life when we are in harmonious alignment with the Universe.

For this particular ritual, we prepared some dried organic corn kernels, colorful flower heads, dried tobacco leaves (as substitute to the coca leaves) and some dried pieces of pine wood as offering. After a few negotiations with the resort admins without sounding too ‘cultish’ (good thing we weren’t wearing black clothes with pointed hats), we finally managed to get permission to hold our sacred fire ritual using a griller!

Photos courtesy of Claire M.

In  the beginning, my left-brain worried about the possibility of rain in the middle of the ritual.  It was a windy night and there were no stars visible in the dark evening sky. I thought we are lightworkers and so we are supposed to shine our inner light and glow in the dark! Another concern I had was that there are other human entities besides us wandering the shoreline in the middle of the night with their own clandestine agendas. But then I remembered 3 is crowd and we are 5. And I’m sure they can’t handle 5 bwitches! *evil laugh*

Tue enough, as we started the ritual, the noisy people in the surroundings became silent all of a sudden. They must be really shocked and traumatized that they walked away from the seashore and headed back to their cottages. My theory is that they might have developed some sort of PTSD. Likewise, nature magically cooperated with us. It  felt like as if all the elements celebrated and danced with us on that very moment. It was truly a magical experience!

The rain only started to pour as soon as we got back in our cottage. This has always been my experience with rituals. For this, I feel like singing amazing graceeee!

The next morning, we went for  a walk to bury the sacred ashes on the sand


and proceeded with our yoga and FHM photo op courtesy of  Shanata (the FHM pics are of course for our eyes only).



One thought on “A Very Cultish Weekend

  1. Tawa ako nang tawa rito pero dito ako pinakanatawa –> “Another concern I had was that there are other human entities besides us wandering the shoreline in the middle of the night with their own clandestine agendas. But then I remembered 3 is crowd and we are 5. And I’m sure they can’t handle 5 bwitches!” *evil laugh*

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