The Quest for Vegan Cheese

I’m not vegan nor lactose-intolerant. I can still consume dairy but with repercussions–too much of it in my system will cause my body to produce excessive phlegm or mucus than usual. So for obvious health reasons, I’d do my best to stay away from dairy products as much as possible. But the problem is I love cheese so much and cheese is dairy. And to make matters more challenging, I have been craving for some cheese lately. You can say I’m a cheesy person.

All I had to do was ask the all-knowing google where to find a non-dairy alternative to cheese in this predominantly dairy universe. I never knew the existence of such yet a big part of me trusts that google does. If internet only existed in ancient Greece, I bet google would have rivaled the oracle of Delphi for knowledge and information about the existence of things.

Although I haven’t seen nor tasted fake cheese in my entire life (and by “fake” I mean a good kind of fake), I am a great believer of miracles and possibilities. In this day and age of fake boobies and eyelashes, what else cannot be cloned or imitated? Someone out there must have brilliantly come up with the idea of faking cheese too. At least that’s what I thought. So I scouted the world wide web in search for answers and with some help (thanks Kitchen Revolution) and some google-ic intervention I stumbled upon The Real Happy Cow.

Not only the cows were mooing with happiness (vegan equals cruelty-free on animals) but I was ecstatic as well with the discovery I made. I knew that my life will never be the same again after this. So I messaged The Real Happy Cow to place an order only to realize its owned by someone I know. Turns out it is being run by the kitchen goddess Lakapati and her ever supportive husband Alvin. I really admire this couple’s passion for food and anything vegan and how they support each other in this endeavor.

I was initially interested to buy the truffle cheese sauce and have it sent via courier but being the impatient buyer that I am, I didn’t want to put myself in such an agonizing situation of waiting, imagining and drooling over some bottle of cheese that is making its way to my home. It so happened The Real Happy Cow is participating in a fundraising event happening in Makati in the next couple of days. I just decided to wait and make an apparition on the day of the event instead so I can buy my cheese right then and there.

Come Sunday, 12th of June, and I was all geared up for the BIG day with great anticipation. Armed with a sheer willpower, umbrella, and a wallet filled with cash, I made my way to Jupiter Street in Makati.

By late afternoon I arrived at the event venue called The Open Space. Located along Jupiter Street, this small venue is perfectly designed for pop-up concepts and small to medium events.

The Open Space is located at 134 Jupiter Street, Makati. For more info, go to

While toy lovers swarmed the SM Mall of Asia for the annual Toy Conference happening on that very same day, many feline lovers and pet owners gathered together and stood united (literally as there are no chairs) all for the love of our furry friends. Dubbed as “Back-to-School Fundraising Bazaar”, a percentage from each sale will be donated to the Philippine Animal Rescue Team.

Shopping can be a very meaningful experience when you know you are helping support a good cause.

There were booths selling cat-themed items for both cats and humans. Part of the proceeds will go to the cause.

Support @petmeowcatboarding’s spray/neuter program with every purchase of their dreamcatchers and  crafts for sale. For more info, go to
The Real Happy Cow’s booth (photo courtesy of The Real Happy Cow)

Although I’m very much of a cat person too, the real reason I braved Jupiter Street that cloudy Sunday afternoon despite the threats of rain, laziness and frugality is to purchase some vegan cheese products which taste as good as their dairy counterparts.

I got myself a bar of mozzarella (P100), a bottle of truffle (P200) and a pack of romano cheese  (P175). All vegan of course.

As an added bonus, I also chanced upon their meat-free pork belly aka vegchon. This is good news for people like myself who doesn’t eat pork by choice. I haven’t had the chance to try it but I heard it became such an instant favorite that they will start offering it on a regular basis. I will make sure to add it to my bucket-eating list. I wish they’d come up with a vegan version of bacon too.

Meat-free and dairy-free products.
The pork belly poutine (crispy fries and vegchon drenched in our cheese sauce, chipotle/sriracha mayo, bbq sauce and more sriracha garnished with cilantro) is a runaway bestseller during the bazaar last June 12, 2016.
The pork belly poutine is a runaway bestseller during the bazaar last June 12, 2016.  It is made with crispy fries and vegchon drenched in cheese sauce, chipotle/sriracha mayo, bbq sauce and more sriracha garnished with cilantro. (photo courtesy of The Real Happy Cow)

For your dairy-free cheese, meat-free meat and vegan nom needs, check out The Real Happy Cow’s page at or follow them on instagram/therealhappycowph. You can also reach  them via mobile 0998.850.5707. They deliver.



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