Integra Regenerative Clinic: Your one-stop health shop

Who would have thought that a health store exists at the basement of Robinsons Galleria? While urban legends tell us stories of a half-human half-snake creature that resides in the mall’s basement that is allegedly grabbing unsuspecting humans for food, I found something vegan instead. Integra Regenerative Clinic is your one-stop shop for anything organic, natural, vegan, and healthy. A new go-to place for health junkies and for people seeking wellness.

Although Integra is just a relatively new shop, the owners have been in the organic business since  1995.

Integra at lower ground floor of Robinsons Galleria.

Do you love greens? Don’t you know that most commercially grown vegetable produce in the market today are chemical-laden? Make sure you are only eating pesticide-free and herbicide-free veggies so you can enjoy the full health benefits of your food.

Nearby folks can get their fresh supply of organic and locally grown produce at Integra. They have cold-pressed juices too for people on the go. They also sell organic eggs, body care products, and a whole bunch of organic products and super foods. Super busy folks can take advantage of their delivery service every Saturday.

Organic vegetables and cold-pressed juices.
Lots of organic stuffs, super foods and more.

Looking for some guilt-free ice cream? Integra is one of the selected few outlets that carry Super Scoops premium vegan ice cream. This vegan ice cream comes in different flavors: chocolate milk, coffee dream, dark chocolate wine, mangoes and cream, milky matcha, and strawberries and cream. Small size at 120 pesos and 350 pesos for a pint. Once you get a taste of this ice cream, you wouldn’t even know it’s vegan.

I love how milky matcha ice cream tastes like.

Integra also offers health (naturopathic) consultations and ozone therapy.

For your vegan and organic needs, visit Integra Regenerative Clinic located at lower ground floor (basement), West Lane Robinsons Galleria, EDSA cor Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City. It is in front of the NBI satellite office. You can reach them through (02) 632-7361 or (+63915) 564 8877.


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